Risk of Rain 2 Survivor Tier List 2022

Not for nowadays all over but roguelike games best is survivor tier list of Risk of Rain 2. Risk of Rain 2 was created by Hopoo Games as well as published by GearBox Publishing.

In the unique class belonging most probably 11 characters in Risk Of Rain 2. This tier list will help you educate and get grip on the most perfectly 11 characters. Although if you want to kill unique enemies for simply leveling up meta you should know in Risk Of Rain 2.

In Risk of Rain 2, you are fed up or other things that are in your mind by choosing all characters. then you are in right place. Here you can get below.

Complete Risk of Rain 2 Survivor Tier List

# Type Items
1 S-Tier Bandit




2 A-Tier Huntress



3 B-Tier Engineer


4 C-Tier Acrid


5 D-Tier Commando



tier s

1. Heretic

Most thrilling and secret Heretic character in Risk of Rain 2. if you want to play her in a game then you should complete a set of requirements. she can target larger targets deeply, damage, high base ability health, want to play Heretic character again continue next run, then collect 4 items it again.

2. Loader

If you want to unlock the loader automatically then complete (Guardian Offline Challenge) Sirens call map. Through a crowded level best survivors for navigating she pulls her enemies to a larger target via scrap barrier which protects her as well. after basic attacks Indeed, but she’s a little difficult to control it, At the cost of learning the basics. It can be extremely deadly.

3. Captain

Most difficult step to unlock the Captain character, But this is a sizzling favorite survivor yet in Risk of Rain 2, Its destructive ability and effective defense make it effective in all situations. In an emergency, you can use it variety of crowd control abilities skills that pull out immediately when you are in a pinch.

4. Bandit

The greatest and newer playable character in the Risk of Rain 2 game, His skills are like (Backstab) which is good for Damage and mobility both. Damage has increased by 80% almost, which is shown good speed. so, its skills have proved that it allows attacks with outstanding damage potential through executing stealthy attacks.



tier a

1. Huntress

Huntress boasts impressive mobility and damage to single targets making her popular players all over the globe. Meanwhile, Huntress Blink, strafe utility makes her advantage to is hands down the best mobility skill in the game.

2. MUL-T

MUL-T is a Specialist version tank in the Risk of Rain 2 tier, with an outstanding HP base and defense start in the game. MUL-T his new upgrades safes survivor for newbies.

3. Mercenary

Mercenary special skill and melee weapon attacking ability in this versatile character.


tier b

1. Engineer

The engineer has combat style best character in the Risk Of Rain 2 tier list. Engineers can deal with the highest damage and powerful ranged fights as well. To protects your game enemy attacks then lunched bubble shield to destroy it.

2. REX

REX is a much more balanced kit, powerful even without items, and great against bosses. REX reduces movement speed, armor and damage weaken depuff through certain attacks.


tier c

1. Acrid

Acrid it’s difficult to switch between ranged attack styles and melee as a melee character.

2. Artificer

Artificer is a safe survivor, her flamethrower long-range abilities to kill her enemies. Artificer hand combat is best used in-game. These items are Brainstalks, Backup Magazine even Bandolier can not damage her output.


tier d

1. Commando

Commando is nothing more than dodging and shooting again with simple gun attacks Because Commando is starting character with essential and effective abilities in this game.

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